Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Interview Tips

As an executive recruiter, Kim interviews over 250 applicants each year. She gives these interview tips to job candidates:

* Do research on the company
Put in some study time before the interview to see if you would be a good fit with the company. Also, thoroughly review the job description. This will give you an opportunity to think about specific skills and qualifications you have that fit the position. Prepare these points to talk about during the interview.

* Research yourself
Review your personal strengths and weaknesses in previous positions. What is your greatest professional accomplishment? How does it relate to your potential new job? Having these topics ready for conversation will help you seem confident in your own abilities.

* Sell yourself
A job interview is a sales opportunity. Sell yourself over other candidates. Utilize this opportunity to the fullest. Doing research on the company and on yourself gives you an advantage over other candidates to be a better salesperson.

* Don’t talk about money
Approaching the topics of money, benefits, and time off at the initial interview is taboo. This gives potential employers you have the attitude, “What’s in it for me?” At the first interview employers really want to know what you can offer the company as an employee.

* Interviews are conversations
Interviews should be business conversations not interrogations. Prepare a list of questions for the interviewer. Answer questions in complete sentences and feel free to elaborate if necessary.

* Make yourself available
At the end of the interview, let the potential employer know you are available. Do not ask directly, “Am I hired,” but let the interviewer know your interest in the position.

* Thank you letters
Never underestimate the value of a thank you letter. Handwritten letters are virtually obsolete in this age of technology. This personal touch could show employers the attention to detail you will give to the job.

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