Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Analyzing Corporate Culture

With the lure of an increased salary, a bigger office, and a more prestigious title it is often difficult to turn down that new job offer. One equally important factor before making a change should be the company’s culture. Company culture is defined by F. John Reh in his article “Company Culture” as “the shared values and practices of the company’s employees.” Seeing yourself fit into that culture will help determine future success with a company.

During an interview take the opportunity to not only ask questions about the potential position, but use your sleuthing skills to scope out the company’s culture. How do others in the office interact with each other? What is the layout of the office space? How does everyone dress? Is the atmosphere stifling and compartmentalized or is it laid-back and creative?

While the pay and title may be tempting, not assessing the company’s culture before accepting a position could be an ill-fated mistake. Monster contributing writer, Michael Neece, describes the pitfalls of this error. “Working at a company with values inconsistent with yours is stressful, unrewarding, even depressing at times. No matter how great the position and salary, if you're working in a caustic, understaffed and unethical culture, you'll feel unfulfilled.”

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