Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Deck the Halls!...

...with new employees? It's the middle of November, why would you be thinking about job searching? Better yet, why should you? There are more important things to think about, such as, who's playing Thanksgiving Day? (And what time?!) How early are you going to have to wake up on Black Friday? Is it really necessary to get the dog a stocking? (And fill it?) Job searching should be the farthest thing from your mind right now, right?


I came across an interesting article written by John M. O'Connor, President of Career Pro of NC Inc, "After the Holidays (And Other Bad Job Search Advice). According to John O'Connor, the holidays are not such a bad time to job search: Logically, there is less competition! "The truth is," O'Connor says, "many positions come open hear the holidays. It's a good time for individuals to make moves, quit and end employment. Remember this-The Bureau of Labor Statistics report that 65% of people are dissatisfied with their jobs. This may put companies into a bit of a crissi mode. But it's an advantage to you."

O'Connor suggests that even though the Holidays can be stressful enough, be productive with your time and your attitude. "Develop a new, professional resume; .... It may be a good time to face reality about your resume." He suggests working on Choppy Work History, Out of Work, Unrelated Experience, Lack of Experience and Hazy Objectives over the Holiday season.

Finally, O'Connor reminds us to act happy through out the Holiday season: "No one wants to network with or interview a depressed, negative sounding person. The people you meet have reason to talk.. Hey, it IS the Holidays after all!

Information was taken from John M. O'Connor's article on John M. O'Connor is the President of Career Pro of NC Inc. (

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Anonymous said...

I like this article - I never looked at it that way before. You make a lot of contacts during the Holiday season and if you are "approachable" like Scott, the Nametag guy says, you have a better chance of networking your way to a new job.