Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Hy-Vee to Open in Southwest Topeka

Passing through the intersection at 29th and Wanamaker, Topeka drivers may notice the steady construction of a large, nondescript building on the Southwest corner. By the expected opening in Spring of 2008, the building will be more than nondescript. Hy-Vee, an employee owned grocery retail chain, is currently in the process of building a 75,100-square-foot building at this location. Topekans will be able to stop in to gather a few items off the grocery list, pick up a prescription in the drive-thru pharmacy, order a gift for that special someone in the floral department, or conduct a lunch meeting in the food court. In addition, the new Hy-Vee will also feature a Starbucks inside the store.

To read the official media release:


Chelsey said...

Yay Starbucks!

Ashlynrocks said...

yay! more jobs! it sounds good with all the price choppers going out of business

Anonymous said...

actually, i work there. gonna be a great store but it's a caribu coffee not starbucks, and they have dry cleaning :)